Will this testing be accepted for Well Water Grants?

It may be the case for well grant applications that certain local authorities will require the sampling to be undertaken by personnel other than the person making the application. ALS does not provide sampling services – we only provide analytical services. We therefore advise customers to liaise with the relevant local authorities to confirm their sampling requirements before placing any order with ALS for water analysis.

What happens next?

Once payment is received, ALS will post sterile water containers to your address.
When you receive them please follow instructions when filling them up with water and deliver or post to the lab. You will receive your certificates within 7-10 working days

Why have I received 2 water bottles?

Your water sample will be sent to the Microbiological Lab and Chemistry Lab for testing, we therefore need 2 separate containers to perform the testing

I have received certificate of analysis only for microbiological tests, the chemical tests are missing, when will I receive them?

Microbiological testing takes 2-3 days to complete and chemical 7-10 days. You will receive 2 separate certificates for your water sample. Once you received your micro cert, the chemical one will follow within the week.

How will I know if my water is ok to drink?

We provide a list with guidelines for your results so that you can interpret them yourself. But if you are unsure what your results should be or have a question please contact us directly and a member of staff will be happy to answer them for you

Can you tell me what water filtration system I should use?

No, but you can bring your results to a company dealing with water filtration systems and they will suggest a suitable treatment system

I have paid for and sent my water for testing 2 weeks ago and haven’t heard anything back

Please give us a call to make sure we have the correct email address for you, as your results will be automatically sent to you by email once they are available

I have a water filtration unit installed and want to check if it’s working. What should I do?

We suggest you take 2 water samples: before and after the treatment unit and compare the results

How often should I test my water?

There are no specific requirements but we suggest you check your water yearly or as soon as you notice any abnormality or change in water quality/taste/colour

My plumber advised I should test my water, why is that and what should I test it for?

If your plumber noticed your pipes are getting blocked or corroded he will most likely suggest you check your water hardness as lime scale is a common cause of blockages in the plumbing systems and appliances. He might also suggest to test for Langelier Index which would be an indicator of corrosion.

How to interpret my water test results?

Once you receive your water test results you can refer to a full page of information on how to interpret your test results here.

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